Lay Health & Wellness Program: Community Caring For Community Health Program

Program Mission & Goals


To promote health equity (access to health resources regardless of ability or need) within our neighborhoods through community and faith- based organizations. 

What is Health Equity?

You may hear the phrase health equity and not quite understand what it means. Health equity does not mean equality. Let’s look at it like this. At the start of the school, we want all children to be equal by having the same uniform. However, if the uniforms only come in small, not every child would be able to wear them. However, if we measure each child and give them the size that fits them, all the children would be able to wear the uniforms. That is called equity. This program provides the opportunity for access for everyone based on their need. That is called health equity.


[1] Promote the awareness and education of physical, mental and emotional health; 

[2] Prevent illness such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and cancer; 

[3] Promote social connectivity through in-person programs and activities for seniors, children, and adults 

Program Summary

The Community Caring for Community (3C) Health Program is a 4 session health education and wellness program. There are various modules to choose from including:

Movement as Medicine 

  • Dance is exercise
  • Couch potato no more – chair exercise that burns calories

Mental Wellness

  • How to avoid stress and anxiety 
  • How do I know if I have a diagnosis 

Food as Medicine

  • Foods that fight disease 
  • Gourmet meals on a budget 
  • Meatless options 

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management 

  • I am not my disease 
  • Moving from disease to better health 
  • How to live with a diagnosis 

Cancer Education 

  • Family Conversations 
  • Do genetics mean I will get cancer 
  • Prevention is my superpower 
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