Providing resources and advocacy for those with mental and phsycial disabilities since 2002. Our Goal is to effect each and every family that suffers from mental and physical illness in the Baltimore/DC area.


Serving vets locally and specifically in the Washinton DC/Baltimore area. This includes working on their behalf to secure benefits as well as involving them in positive community involvment.

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Our services include in-home and after-care customized to help our clients when they need it most.

Georgia Penn Alliance is a 501c3 organization.

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Our Mission: To help disabled individuals by providing advocacy, life skills, respite and workforce programs.
We strive to help these inviduals live a full and complete life.


Family and Friends Group Dinner

Sunday, December 18,2016 @ The Main Central Library (Columbia, MD)
1:00p.m. till 4:45p.m
Light foods, Speakers: Dr. Frank E. Gainer ND and Dr. Tonyelle R. Russell MD/ND
Jazz Ensemble

Meet Amon.

Amon is the poster child for Georgia Penn Alliance, Inc. When Amon first came to GPA his grades were suffering terribly. He was in a school that didn’t have the resources to help him excel and he couldn’t seem to escape their worst expectations. Diagnosed ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Autism Spectrum, Bipolar and Depression it seemed there wasn’t much to hope for.

Amon began his journey with Georgia Penn by receiving funding for his education and daily living. He received his SSI, LISS Funding Grants, ARC of Howard county grants and funds from the Howard County Library System Anime Club. The latter was a program that spends $100,000 annual toward providing the best education possible at the Forbush School (owned by Shepherd Pratt) at Glydon and Hannah More High School.

In addition, Amon is on track to receive DDA and Autism Waiver funding. His grades have improved as he went from being a C/D student to an A/B student. This transformation took place between 7th grade, where his grades suffered the most to currently him being in the 10th grade where his teachers and school administration at Hannah More School have the highest hopes for him.

Because of his affiliation with Georgia Penn Alliance, Amon is now part of Maryland Promise Group, a group dedicated to ensuring Amon receives his Maryland High School Diploma. We are all behind him in expecting him to reach that goal and many more.

GPA Activities Include:


(There aren't any dinners planned at this time. Please stay tuned.)
Join us as we gather to celebrate all that is possible in advocating for our clients rights.
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Find out about how to get started by filling out a packet that will utilize
our years of experience navigating government to bring you grants and funding to help with your needs. Contact us for details on how to get started.


There's no telling where we will be next. We have been everywhere from the
Baltimore Aqurarium to B&O Railroad. Each excusion a rich exprience for our Family and Friends


Who We Serve

suffering from:

Mental and physical disability (including ADD/ADHD, Brain Injury/Recovery, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Fragile X,


Our process includes helping our clients navigate:
The process of finding and applying to privage schools,
Receiving the proper medication and our matching service with a Psychologiest,
Filling out the DDA Application and applying for List Funding,


We provide
Holistic Health Options: Such as Reflexology, Yoga, TaiChi and our Weekeend Family Wellness Spa,
Life Skills,
Recreation Programs

Meet the Members of the Georgia Penn Alliance

We approach our mission by gathering the work and efforts of our leadership, advisors, board members and clients.

Glenda Johnson


Ismaayl Azziz

Consultant/Director of Outreach Services

(443) 518-6979

Our Strategic Community Partners

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